Principal’s Message

Mr Noble’s news

I would like to welcome everyone to our website. I am proud to be the principal of this unique and vital school. Our school brings WA Education Department services to Primary age children who live on cattle stations, research stations, Aboriginal Communities, Tourist ventures and some travelling families right across the vast Kimberley region. All our students have their isolation in common with each other. Indeed our school emblem states that we are “together in isolation”.

Kimberley School of the Air has a history of educating Primary students who live remotely in the Kimberley region for more than 50 years. The school begun operation in 1960 at the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDHS) base at the Derby Airport. The school transferred to a site at Derby District High School in 1981. The school used the RFDS antennae during the radio years and in 2002 the school moved into a new purpose built site, still on the Derby District High School grounds in 2002.

Kimberley School of the Air now uses a skype type platform and the service is delivered by the Sky Muster Satellite.

The radio days are now a “romantic” memory, students now have state of the art connectivity and even though there are great distances between them they can see their classmates and all students have the world at their fingertips through the internet.

Despite these advances in technology, “normal” things like lessons, teaching, reading and writing still form the basis of our school. The students of Kimberley School of the Air use course materials developed by SIDE (Schools of Isolated and Distance Education) in Leederville. Teachers on the ground in Derby develop individualised programmes as well that are designed to develop and enhance the skills of individual students.

The business of the school is also complimented by teacher visits to the students, whole school camps and phase of learning camps held across the year.

Whilst we are proud of our schools uniqueness we also work hard to make this school as mainstream as we can. We want our students to feel like there in a school where teachers care, mark work and take lessons that reflect current curriculum initiatives. We have assemblies, award Merit awards, produce class items and we have real expectations of our students.

Enjoy our website!
Paul Noble
Kimberley School of the Air