People sometimes ask what does the STL (Support Teacher Learning) actually do?

The short answer is lots!

  • Work one on one with students who may require additional support to reach their learning goals.
  • Work with teachers to develop individual learning programs for their students
  • Develop and oversee school wide assessment and analyse results
  • Oversee our learning programs like Stepping Stones Maths and Let’s Decode
  • Assist with setting school priorities
  • Oversee curriculum at a whole school level
  • Plan and coordinate our Home Tutors Seminar and other camps
  • Work closely with the P&C and sit on School council
  • Liaise with external agencies and our school psychologist
  • Support our parents and home tutors to deliver learning programs
  • Provide professional development for staff
  • Coordinate mandated assessments such as On-Entry Testing and NAPLAN
    • Facilitate weekly Playgroups